The aim of the workshop is that participants: 

★ Relax and open all senses 

★ Relax their bodies 

★ Use the body as a source of sound 

★ Come in contact with their emotions 

★ Improve skills of active listening 

★ Unlock creative potential 

★ Create a graphic score 

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Music and Soul 

(One-day Music Workshop) 

The workshop is intended for parents and children who are in love with play, creativity, research and quality communication and want to spend some quality time together. Workshop consists of three 60 min. parts (with 15 min break time between each). The cost for this One-day workshop is 60e per participant. 

NOTE: There is an option of rounding this wonderful relaxing experience with an additional workshop that will take place a day after with a length of 90 min (the additional cost is 30e per participant). 

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The aim of the workshop is that participants: 

★ Relax and open all senses 

★ Relax the body 

★ Use the body as a source of sound 

★ Come in contact with emotions 

★ Improve skills of active listening 

★ Unlock creative potential 

★ Create a graphic score 


First Part of the workshop "Through music I speak" 


First Part of Music workshop is based on listening and analysis.

Duration: 60 minutes

After a short presentation, workshop participants will have the opportunity to awaken their intuition through listening and analyzing music. 

Guided by coach's guidelines and NLP questions, the participants will go through active listening exercises. The aim of this part of Workshop is to be able to describe, in their own words, how musical examples affect them. By listening to musical examples, they will activate visual and kinesthetic parts of the body while marking the sound with specific symbols, color and emotion. 

The goal of these exercises is to connect the participants with their emotions. They will learn how to direct their focus and attention, and how a sharpened auditory focus could help them in their daily actions and experiences of the world around them. They will become aware of how to consciously and controllable influence their feelings through music. 

Pause: 15 minutes 


Second apart of the workshop "Through music I see" 


The two main segments of this part of the workshop are to capture a visual representation of things and events around us and to be able to use the body as an instrument. 

Duration: 60 minutes

By looking at different photos, participants will try to express: 

★ How would that picture sound if it could sound? 

★ What kind of music would suit it? 

★What kind of music would they compose for that specific photo? 

During the verbal analysis of the image, participants will be encouraged to sing and describe how these melodies sound by using their body as an instrument. They will then go through simple rhythmic patterns that will help them transform the sound produced into a defined rhythmic pattern. 

The aim of this part of the workshop is for them to be able to make musical improvisations using their voice and body. Improvisation will be inspired by the image that the participants choose by mutual agreement. 

Pause: 15 minutes 


Third part of the workshop "Through music I create" 

In the last part of the workshop, participants will analyze a graphic score by Roman Haubenstock Ramati, and then create their own unique graphic score. 

Duration: 60 minutes 


After a brief analysis of a graphic score of Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, participants will listen to several musical examples, along with the task of drawing the symbols that they think is the most suitable for the composition they hear while thinking of their feelings at the same time. 

Following this, they will design a graphic score together. Everyone will put their symbol / graphic idea on a piece of paper. 

After creating a common graphic score, participants will perform this graphic composition using their voice and body percussions. The performance of the score itself will be repeated several times in order to become aware of the benefits of practice and perseverance. 

The end of the workshop is dedicated to discussing the experiences that the participants had during the entire workshop process. 


ADDITIONAL WORKSHOP “Music - the source of the creative self” 


This workshop is intended for all participants who went through the workshop "Music and Soul" with desire to go deeper into their creative identity. 

Duration: 90 minutes 

During the first 25 minute participants will be guided by open questions and analyze 3 compositions from different epochs (baroque, romanticism and contemporary classical music). They will define the key emotions that these musical works evoke in them and will instinctively tell a short story for each of the emotions. 

In the next part of the workshop (25 minutes) participants will connect every era to each of the emotions and story, giving it a certain color and symbol. 

Break - 10 minutes. 

After the break, participants will perform a group improvisation by using voice, movement and body as a source of sounds. 

The remaining 10 minutes are reserved for the exchange of experiences created during the entire Workshop.