The Association of Royal Music Schools (ABRSM) is the world's leading organization in the field of music education. Every year, more than 630,000 candidates take ABRSM tests in over 90 countries. Founded in 1889, for over 100 years this Association has been providing teachers, pupils, students, parents and adults with a standard in the field of music exams, with an international license. At the heart of the Association's work is a complete commitment to music education. 

The association is privileged to represent four Royal Academy of Music: Royal Academy of Music (London), Royal College of Music (London), Royal Northern College of MusicRoyal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (Manchester and Glasgow). The exams are intended for candidates of all ages and levels of knowledge. 

Accredited in the UK by the Commission for Titles and Curricula, these exams are of formal importance in many other countries as well. Unlike the established system of music education, which is specific to each country, ABRSM certificates and diplomas are identical in terms of levels, system of examinations and criteria in all countries of the world. 

We offer 8 levels for each of the The Programs

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ABRSM Theory of Music
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ABRSM Instrument Program