There are many benefits of playing music for teens and youth. From improved academic performance to a positive impact on their social skills and creativity, playing some sort of musical instrument has been shown to have many positive effects on kids. Playing music, whether as individuals or as part of a group, can play a positive role in the social lives of youth. Having a skill that they are confident in helps them to learn how to relate to their peers and use their common hobbies to create a bond.

Piano/Guitar Pop (group or individual)

Modern Programs for instruments are made in such a way that your child will learn to play their favorite songs while building a music foundation and knowledge needed for later education. We believe that playing an instrument has a huge impact on a child's psychophysic development.

You can choose individual or group lessons (max of 3 students per lesson) in: 

● piano 

● guitar

Note: other instruments on request

Music technology

1 per week, 60 min

For ages 12 and above

Connect your musical knowledge with the latest digital technology and stay up to date with modern times. Learn how to write music in digital software, edit and animate sound and use them for for video games and clips

Pop Choir with Karaoke -

1 per week, 60 min.

For ages 12 and above

Enjoy group singing through your favorite songs and enhance your vocal skills. The joint sense purpose created by coming together in harmony as a group boosts mood and overall well being.


1 per week, 60 min. 

For ages 12 and above

Music makes others (and you) happy. Build social skills and character by working together and gain a sense of achievement by performing ultra modern programs.

Italian\ English & Music

1 per week, 60 min.

All cultures have a form of music. Music is one of the most basic tools we can use to learn a language. Music can help you focus, remember better, and make it easier to acquire any language. By combining it with music, you will gain a variety of transferable skills and knowledge beneficial to overall development.