Children naturally love music! Whether it’s soft or a lively tune, children feel it both physically and emotionally. Through our Kinder Programs we are engaging children with the discovery and enjoyment of music and movement with new experiences every day. 

As children explore music through play, they make discoveries about themselves and the world around them, develop a larger vocabulary and important pre-reading and math skills, and strengthen their social and emotional skills. 

Exposure to music from a young age also helps children's ability to play and appreciate music. We have designed 2 Music Programs that are divided by age groups.

Baby Music Club

1 per week, 30 min

Ages 0-2

Enhance your child's natural abilities through music and language. This is a fun and exciting class built on a foundation of listening and using the human voice in rhyme, rhythm and songs. Your baby will have an opportunity to enjoy concerts with live performances of Classical Music. Furthermore, you as a parent will have a chance to take part in our end of the lesson songs that will promote bonding and sharing musical xperience with your young ones.

Kinder Music 

1 per week, 60 min.

Ages 3-6

Through carefully designed programs and with lots of fun, songs, play and creativity, your child will grow to love music, develop fine motor skills and improve overall language and English language skills. Because toddlers learn by watching others, playing, and experimenting, our Kinder Music Program offers the ideal learning setting. In these classes, your toddler will grow socially and musically through interactions with children of varied ages. If you are interested in this Program, please register through the provided form.