Our carefully designed curriculum will introduce your child to a wide range of music and through fun activities help them boost their language and social skills as well as their self expression and confidence. We are offering group and individual lessons for ages 6 to 12 years old.

Key Music Steps

1 per week, 60 min + instrument

A specially designed program for children by age in which they will learn musical language (reading and writing music) through music theory and other fun music activities. This program consists of learning an instrument as well (piano or guitar) individually or in small groups.

Instrument 30 min. + Theory music 60 min. 

● 1st key music step / ages 6-7 

● 2nd key music step / ages 7-8 

● 3rd key music step / ages 8-9 

Instrument 45 min or 60 min. + Theory music 60 min.

● 4th key music step / ages 9-10 

● 5th key music step / ages 10-11 

● 6th key music step / ages 11-12

Pop Choir with Karaoke -

1 per week, 60 min.

Enjoy group singing through your favorite songs and enhance your vocal skills. The joint sense purpose created by coming together in harmony as a group boosts mood and overall well being.


1 per week, 60 min. 

Music makes others (and you) happy. Build social skills and character by working together and gain a sense of achievement by performing ultra modern programs.

Italian\ English and Music  

1 per week, 60 min. 

All cultures have a form of music. Music is one of the most basic tools we can use to learn a language. Music can help you focus, remember better, and make it easier to acquire any language. By combining it with music, you will gain a variety of transferable skills and knowledge beneficial to overall development.